~The Beginning~

FCD Foods story is the story of two young people from totally different backgrounds who met and fell in love with each other and raised a family and began to grow old together.  The co-owners of FCD Foods LLC are Ed and Kathy Fielder.  Edward was raised on a dairy farm in Bel Air, Maryland and Kathy was raised on a homebuilder’s farm near Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Our lives became intertwined after we met over a sleeping bag courtesy of Ed’s mom.  Well one thing led to another and we began our life together.  Ed milked cows and raised corn and alfalfa to feed the cows and Kathy became a beloved librarian at Churchville Elementary School.  Ed was forced to leave farming when he was 44 years old so he also became a teacher.  As Ed got closer and closer to retirement he found that he wanted to return to farming so he started a garden and the rest is history so to speak.

Ed and Kathy had a small garden at first and raised potatoes, onions, squash, beans, pickles and tomatoes.  The second year we grew the garden we had so many left over vegetables that we started to can pickles and relishes.  We took two jars of sweet pickle relish and pepper relish to the Maryland State Fair and won both classes.  Ed also began cooking Thanksgiving dinner for his brother and sisters and their families and everyone seemed to love what he made.  A HIDDEN TALENT HAD BEEN DISCOVERED.  Ed and Kathy expanded the size of the garden and the different types of canned goods they were making.  In 2010 Ed and Kathy entered a number of different canned goods at the state fair and came home with the Grand Champion Jam of all jams, preserves, jellies, and butters that year.  It was time to go commercial, so in October, 2010 we formed FCD Foods LLC and began to can in earnest and to sell locally.

~A Company is Born~

Our first customer was Broom’s Bloom Dairy, a neighbor who makes and sells wonderful ice creams.  Sales were good and in the spring we expanded to several produce markets and sales of salsa and hot sauce were good.  In September of that year we began selling our product in Klein’s ShopRite at Festival and three months later expanded to all of the Klein’s ShopRites.  We began to exhibit our goods at the Harford County Farm Fair and have won many awards.  We have baked champion pies and breads, raised first prize pumpkins, tomatoes and field corn but the canning remains the star helping to garner 16 firsts, 11 seconds and 9 thirds in 2012.  We entered three hot salsas and swept the class 1, 2 and 3 with XXX Hot XXX Hot Salsa made with ghost peppers, hot salsa made with habaneras, and medium salsa made with jalapenos and Serrano peppers.  In October we entered some Hot Salsa and XXX Hot XXX Salsa at the National Fiery Foods competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of hot peppers.  We came home with the best hot salsa and the third best super hot salsa.

We have enlarged the garden and our kitchen and added much needed equipment and technology to help us make a better product.  FCD Foods cans a full line of salsas including Mild, Medium, Hot, and XXX Hot XXX Salsas; Peach Habanera and Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces, and full line of jams, jellies, and butters.  Most of the vegetables are still grown in the garden or are bought locally from Amish farmers in Lancaster County.  We grow blackberries in the garden and just planted 100 Chandler strawberry plants this fall.  Our jams are made from fresh fruit in season or from IQF fruits we buy locally.

~The Future~

We are continually evaluating our product line and developing new products.  We are working on a new hotter hot sauce and salsa.

FCD Foods products are available at Brooms Bloom, McShane’s Gourmet Coffee, VanHouten Gardens, Brad’s Produce, Harman’s Produce, Sunny Hill and Lohr’s Orchard.  We are also in all eight of Klein’s ShopRites in Harford and Baltimore Counties, four Food Lions in Harford and Cecil counties and Lava Lips in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who would have ever guessed that as we approached retirement that these two older lovers would develop a business to keep them young and vibrant in their golden years.